Rolex Submariner 14060 Sweepstakes.

Swiggle, in partnership with Gulfstream Distillery, is excited to announce the Rolex Submariner 14060 Sweepstakes. The Rolex Submariner is a timepiece surrounded by a plethora of superlatives. It's often hailed as the pinnacle of design and functionality in the world of sports watches. Descriptions like the most iconic, most recognizable, most influential, most emulated, and most significant are commonly associated with this legendary watch, highlighting its unparalleled status in the watchmaking industry.
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Terms and Conditions

**Terms and Conditions of Sweepstakes**

1. **Prize Description**: The prize for this sweepstakes is a pre-owned Rolex Submariner 14060. Please note, the watch is provided in its current, 'as is' condition.

2. **Warranty Disclaimer**: The watch comes with no warranty, either expressed or implied. The winner accepts the item in its existing state.

3. **Shipping Policy**: The prize will be shipped without shipping insurance. However, the winner has the option to purchase shipping insurance at their own expense if desired.

4. **No Cash Value**: The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any cash equivalent.

5. **Additional Rules and Restrictions**: For further details, including any additional rules and restrictions, please refer to the promotional rules which can be accessed via the provided link labeled "Promo Rules".
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