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A Step-by-Step Guide to Joining Sweepstakes

Scan the QR Code

Scan the QR Code at our partner's merchant location or select a specific prize from our list.

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Upon redirection to the sweepstakes landing page, fill out the form and await the SMS notification.

Receive an SMS

After receiving the SMS, simply follow the link provided and download the Swiggle application.

Complete Your Entry

Create a profile using the same phone number or email that you provided on the draw page.

Celebrate Success:
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7 Hour Charter of « The Dirty Oar » Formula 430 SSC

winners of the first season
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JetBlue San Juan, Puerto Rico Beach Getaway May 12-14th

the winners of the second season

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Frequently Asked Questions

Swiggle is your ultimate companion for unlocking exclusive discounts on your favorite fast
food joints, trendy clothing stores, and more.
What is Swiggle and how does it work?
Swiggle is the most entertaining way to discover local businesses around you.

Spin the wheel today to earn points or win prizes that support local businesses in your area. Use your earned points to shop for offers and prizes. When you redeem a prize or offer in-store, Swiggle gives you the chance to win the grand prize.
How Swiggle protects my data
our data is safeguarded with advanced 256-bit encryption and strict security measures. We never share your information with third parties – it's solely used by the app to tailor personalized discounts that perfectly match your preferences.
How can I earn coins on Swiggle?
Swiggle it by spinning the Swiggle wheel to earn coins and win prizes. You can find this button in the center of the menu bar.
What can I do with the coins I earn on Swiggle?
After collecting enough coins you can buy offers in the Swiggle shop. We will add each purchased offer to your Swiggle wallet.
How I can redeem my offers ?
You can redeem offers when you are physically at the merchant location. When sharing location, we can show you nearby offers, provide directions to the merchant, and redeem offers.
Where I can use the Swiggle ?
Swiggle is currently available in locations with a variety of sellers, including Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.
How can I share Swiggle with my friends and why should I do it?
Share Swiggle with your family or friends via email and earn 5,000 points when they sign up. You can do this in the middle of the application.
What should I do if I encounter a problem while using Swiggle?
In the application settings, you'll find a convenient contact form to communicate with us directly. Reach out easily to connect with fellow users and address any queries or concerns.

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